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Decided to try as it said tea tree. The content in the jar still wont get soft. Awkward to take out. Will return to another product Iv used before after this finishes.
Bought a moisturiser at same time this was purchased. Content softened up.
Cant recommend this deodorant.


No sweat, no smell. All natural ingredients. 4 x friends and family are now using this fantastic deodorant. I shall continue to spread the word.

Organic Lavender & Bergamot Aluminium & Bicarb Free Deodorant?

We love this deodorant, when I fist bought it I thought it was a small pot and wouldn’t last but you only need a little! And it keeps my pits smelling lovely 😆

Good stuff!

Didn't think there would be that much difference between the raspberry seed moisturiser and good quality mass produced. But there is!

Love them all

Amazing products, subtle smell of essential oils and no nasty chemicals, skin looks and feels amazing. A stranger recently asked me what products I use on my face, so I gave them the link. I would Highly recommend these products.

Like another review I also love the products results but I'm finding it really hard to use. I get more over my sink/ shower then on my face. It is hard to get out the jar and to mix a creamy consistency.

Lovely smell

I can’t really comment much as not been using it long enough but the smell and feel of it on the skin is lovely,

Love what it does but I’m struggling

I love the serum and moisturiser but I’m really struggling to use this effectively. It is very solid and difficult to get the right amount out of the jar without it all getting stuck under my finger nails. Can I melt it a bit so it’s easier to use? It’s not very easy to get the right consistency but others have said that takes time so I’ll persevere.

Organic Peppermint & Tea Tree Aluminium Free Deodorant 60ml

This deodorant was so refreshing and kept me feeling fresh all day. Smells great!

Love it!!!

Didn’t know which deodorant to get so purchased them both! They smell amazing! A little goes a long way so definitely good value! Certainly won’t be buying spray deodorant anymore!

Finally a natural deodorant that works

After being disappointed with so many others, this deodorant actually works and smells delightful.

Amazing balm!

My son has had a rash on his feet for a couple of months now and nothing was helping … after just a few days of using this balm it has cleared up amazingly!


Absolutely love this product. This is my second pot and I wouldn’t use anything else now.

Organic Lavender & Bergamot Aluminium & Bicarb Free Deodorant

Love it

I am on my second bottle, it smells gorgeous, I use 3 small drops on my face & neck which is enough so it goes along way!
My skin feels soft too and I love that it contains all natural ingredients.


Wonderful products


I'm on my second bottle and I love the oil. I use it on my face and chest everyday. It's just the right consistency. Not to heavy. I love the fact it's all natural too ❤️

Wonderful products

Feel lovely on the skin

Excellent natural skin care

Organic Passion Fruit & Raspberry Anti-Ageing Serum 50ml
This is a beautiful product,full of natural nutrients,it always makes my skin glow and stay hydrated without it being greasy.Value for money too.

Organic peppermint tea tree deodorant

Love this deodorant. Safe no nasties and smells divine

Essentials bundle

I took advantage of the discount to try out the clay cleanser and raspberry moisturiser. I am already a convert to the organic deodorant which is absolutely amazing. Smells fab, easy to use and lasts all day and night without having to reapply.

The clay cleanser is lovely and leaves my skin feeling very clean and very soft. I then apply the raspberry moisturiser which smells amazing. The moisturiser has great coverage, using a little amount. In the morning my face feels fresh and not greasy or yucky that other moisturisers can leave you feeling.

Overall, great organic products that I intend to continue using.

This is my favourite out of the 2 deodorants. It has a lovely fresh scent and lasted longer than the other one.

Love, love, love🥰

Lovely cleanser with a lovely scemt. Takes a while to get the consistency right. Leaves our skin feeling fresh and smooth. Highly reccommend.

Smells Amazing

I Love it, it smells amazing, is very moisturising and great exfoliation. Would love a bigger jar of this and would love a natural shower gel with the same fragrance

Fab face oil

Found this anti aging face oil to go on great, you don't need much and it's free of any nasties. It does it's job whilst you sleep.