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Smells amazing!!!

It smells absolutely amazing. Works really well. Only been using it properly for over a week, but really happy with it so far. My husband has struggled finding a natural deodorant that doesn’t bring him out in a rash. This has been fantastic. Thank you so much. Will be ordering more soon

Excellent product!

Feels slightly granular but once absorbed skin feels highly nurtured!

Lavender & Bergamot Sensitive Deodorant 60ml

It really works!

I've tried lots of different natural deodorants and Skin Food beats any others hands down. It works and it leaves my skin smoothe and soft. Truly brilliant.

Long lasting

One of the best natural deodorants I’ve ever used . Long lasting and no sweat smell even after extreme workouts. Will definitely order again.

Love it !

The deo looks quite thin, but once you put it on it feels lovely; smells divine and the thought that I’m
Not putting toxins onto my skin is very comforting. Thank you. Love it.


This deodorant is the best I have ever used. Even after exercising and at the end of the day my armpits smell ok. Bit tricky using with fingers but well worth it in my opinion. Love it.

Men's Saver Bundle
Glenn Murray
Really good products!

I was really pleased firstly with the cute presentation but more impressed with the products! The scents were beautiful, long lasting, and kept you fresh for the entire day. My only negative is I wish it included a natural soap bar for the shower 😉 (maybe something to consider). Great products, will be ordering again, especially the deodorant! So long lasting!

Good stuff so far!

I didn't want to review this too quickly as I wanted to use it for a while. After using other products, they would be fine at first but then I would have an irritation, a redness and itchy but so far so good with this product and it seems to last a lot long than other natural deodorants. I will be purchasing again. Thank you!

Heatwave proof 🔥

My first trail at natural-
I tried this for the first time on the hottest day of the year because that’s the day it arrived.
It had melted on the pot, I have it a stir as recommended.
Smells good, feels nice going on, a little gritty but I like it.
Was as good if not better than most chemical deodorants I’ve used.
Price tag is my only concern.
I would expect to pay £6 maximum to keep it affordable as the jar is really small .

This is so good 10/10 service was amazing wasn’t long before I took my order it was there , amazing definitely recommend. Will be re ordering soon.

Glowing skin

The cream is easily applied and you don’t need loads a little goes a long way, my skin looked glowing and soft

Smells Divine!

Such a fantastic smelling shower scrub, I just want to eat it rather than slather it on my body!!

Amazing deodorant

I haven't been able to use deodorant for around 3yrs due to inverse psoriasis which when flaring is very raw and sore. I hadn't been able to find anything I could use until I tried this product. It doesn't cause any reaction and it works a treat even in the hottest of weather. Smells great and lasts for absolutely ages as you only need a little bit.

Fab product

I really loved this cleansing clay. My skin felt amazing after using it and it smells soo good. I was absolutely gutted as I accidentally dropped it down the toilet and smashed the jar 🙈🙈 will be ordering more soon

Amazing product

I absolutely love this face cream. I've been using it for just over a month now and my skin feels and looks great. It has really reduced the lines around my eyes and neck area. I recently took it on my holiday to Spain, the temperature was over 40 degrees and to put this on after my shower in the evening was just brilliant. I've got no dryness or sun damage and my skin feels so nourished. Highly recommend this product

Love the body mousse

Really lovely product. It smells amazing and I can use it without any irritation which is fab. I have a lot of skin issues, inverse psoriasis and plaque psoriasis and this product is just great. It leaves my skin feeling soft and smooth. Love it

Keeps me fresh

Love my new natural deodorant. Smells fresh!

So moisturising

On my second jar. Makes my old wrinkly skin a lot less dry. Lovely product.

A lovely product

A little of this product goes a very long way.

It's great and does the job 🥰


I’ve been looking for something to help with my menopause body odour and I have found it, it’s lovely fragrance and keeps you smelling fresh brilliant

Absolutely delighted with this property. I have to say I was skeptical that it would work but I’m so pleased. I would definitely recommend this product.


It works, in fact it works exceptionally well and it’s natural. Win win

Finally a cream I love!

Absolutely love this cream, not only does it smell amazing it makes my skin feel gorgeous, knowing it has no nasty ingredients I will certainly be buying this again, a little goes a long way so great value for money too. Highly recommend it. Looking forward to trying some of the other products from My Skin Food.

Raspberry cream

Absolutely love it, can be a little greasy at the start but does absorb into the skin, I use it day and night, I'm 45 so feel I need a good cream and natural, skin is so soft but yet to see benefits as my 1st time purchasing it, one week in x x